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Contrivia is dedicated to providing market entry and technology solution consulting services to IT and Telecoms corporations, and to be a center of excellence in its niches. Contrivia has established a set of core values and guiding principles that are paramount in order to deliver successfully upon its vision.†

Core Values

To promote and support market entry in Northern Europe, for the benefit of both the new entrants and the business community in the region.††††††††††††††††

To support and facilitate the utilization and pick-up rate of eBusiness solutions through technology consulting.

To lower commercial and technological entry barriers through our range of consulting services.

To further the Internet as a safe and widely used tool for trade.

Guiding principles

Customer Focus - dedication to build positive customer relationships, understanding business needs and providing services that fulfill them.

Quality - continuous efforts to excel in delivery of outstanding services quality.

Integrity - commitment to the highest ethical standards, treating all customers, vendors, company associates and outside audiences with honesty and respect.

Teamwork - shared employee vision, encouragement towards collaborative efforts, cooperative support and collective responsibility.

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