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Contrivia has two main modes of operation:

  • Market entry mode selection and implementation

  • eBusiness Solution Partner Screening and Selection

Market Entry Mode Selection and Implementation

Contrivia assists IT and Telecom corporations that wish to gain a presence in Northern European markets (UK and Scandinavia). We develop international marketing entry strategies and assist in the implementation phase.

Determining how to enter international markets is a crucial decision for any corporation. There are various routes to target, and crucial factors to take into account are the corporations requirements for ownership in international markets and the contribution of know-how it can provide. These factors stem back to the corporations willingness and ability to commit resources in given markets.

Contrivia is specialized in assisting corporations in two particular paths of international expansion, namely:

1) The Outsourcing Route, where the corporations desire for ownership is low, and it is looking for a concessionaire, licensee or franchisee.

2) The Ownership Route, where the corporation wants to set up a branch office, acquire an existing player or set up its own wholly-owned subsidiary.

Contrivia will guide the customer through the process, identifying the most viable route, assessing both the local market and the corporations resource allocation capability, assist in decision making and in effectuating the international expansion.

eBusiness Solution Partner Screening and Selection

Contrivia assists building the foundation for eBusiness integration through strategic screening of IT-solutions and solution partners, commercially and technically.

When entering into Internet commerce there are several commercial issues that need to be screened and evaluated, such as pricing and licensing issues, contractual arrangements and the software-vendors competitive situation in the market.

Furthermore, there are several pieces that need to be put together from a technical perspective; multimedia content, storefront features, transaction management, payment mechanisms, credit card processing and other payment methods, order fulfillment, customer service and support and data reporting and analysis.

Contrivia conducts a full assessment of the technical and commercial requirements for a successful implementation, and will then recommend a suitable systems integration and hosting partner as required.

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